jSol for PC

New jSol version 5 available!!!

jSol is a Card Game Solitaire Collection. Current version is 5.0, with more than 100 games (Klondike, Free Cell, 40 Thieves, Yukon, Gypsy, Canfield, Spider  and many others). New version 5 has been completely redesigned. New look, new cards, new options. Try it now!


  • Grouping similar games by categories or families.
  • Easy operation with the mouse, clicking and dragging the cards.
  • Undo and redo unlimited.
  • Contextual help in every game, by clinking on every element, showing the rules for the current game, and also complete Web help.
  • Format of cards selectable by user.
  • Automatic card size depending on size screen.
  • Optional zoom to enlarge or reduce cards.
  • Autocomplete to avoid repetitive movements.

jSol is written in Java, so can be installed in every computer with support for this language. Check details in the section Download and Installation.

Download and installation

Go to download page . There are different options.

Java support

jSol is written in Java and needs Java support installed in your compuete. If jSol doesn’t works, please check your Java installation and, if needed download here.

jSol currently works with Java version 6. 7 or 8.

Also there is a possible download jSol with all Java needed support included. If you don’t want install Java separatelly you can use this option. Check details in the  download page.

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If you want notify bugs, malfunctions, suggest changes, preferences, new games to include o every thing you want, please contact us here. Please, indicate jSol for PC.

Last versions published

Version 5.0 (July 2015)

  • Look completely new.
  • New card designs, better for games in PC.
  • Size of the cards is adjusted depending on the screen.
  • Zoom to increase or reduce card size.
  • Autocomplete option.
  • Ready for Java 8.
  • Total games 118.
  • Game selection enhaced with filters by skill level.
  • Stats enhanced.
  • Complete Web Help.

Version 4.3 (November 2014)

  • Adaptation and repackaging for Java version 7.
  • Shuffle algorithm changed.

Version 4.2.1 (May-2008)

  •  Recycle change in Fan games.


jSol has a long history. You can see it complete here.