jRabino is a PC app to play ‘Rabino’ game card, in a mode known as ‘French Rabino’. Is a game played in Spain and is similar to Rummy, Pinnacle and other. You can read a detailed description of the Game Rules (by the moment, only available in Spanish). Also exist a jRabino Tutorial (also in Spanish) where you can learn how to use jRabino. You can play against several players, from 1 to 5, computer managed, with different characteristics, and playing styles.

The objective of the game is to get rid of the maximum number of cards possible, from 14 that are initially distributed to each player, winning the game who first runs out of any. To reach the objective, players build sequences of at least 3 consecutive cards of the same suit (known as run), or sets of cards of the same value and different suit (known as set). Once built, runs and sets are shown on the table, and players can place additional cards on them, in order to discard their cards.

Some of its most outstanding features are:

  • Individual game from two to six players.
  • Maximum of five players computer controlled.
  • Ten profiles to select your opponents.
  • Different playing styles and personalities for the computer players.
  • Ability to interrupt a game and continue at break point.
  • Stats and classificationes, games played, games won, etc..
  • Easy to manage by doing click on the cards or dragging and dropping.
  • Rules and help about the game, here.
  • jRabino runs in every Windows, Linux o Mac computer with Java support. (Check download page for details).

 jRabino download

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You cand send a message to  report program errors or malfunctions, suggest changes, preferences, or anything else you want. You can do it here. Please indicate jRabino in the subject.


jRabino is free, but you can make a small economic contribution here.