Tableau piles

The Tableau is a collection of piles along the game area, where cards can be moved and built depending on rules varying from game to game.


It's possible to move the last card of each tableau pile, and in some cases can be moved several cards, if some conditions are given. These conditions are dependents on the game. For instance, in Klondike, it's possible to move a group of cards if they are ordered down in sequence with alternate color cards. Move a group of cards is doing by touching and draggind the first card of the group. If the movement is allowed by the game rules, all group is moved. When a card or group of cards is moved over other tableau piles, tableau pile target is darkened if the movement is allowed by the game rules.

Movimiento de columnas

In some games, the number of cards allowed to move as a group is depending of aditional conditions, as in Free Cell games.

Rules to build tableau piles are very different, depending on the games. A typical build rule is Klondike, with cards down in sequence, with alternate color cards.

When game starts, cards can be discovered in tableu piles, or more frequently, covered but the last one in each tableu pile. Number of cards in each pile at the begining of each game also varies from game to game.

Whe a tableau pile is empty, the pisition is showed with a shadow:

Columna vacĂ­a

Empty tableau piles can be occupied by other cards or not, depending on the game. Each game have specific rules to fill empty piles.